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Limited quantity available for the first batch. Check pricing below.



Our handcrafted DJ Furniture case is created for mobile djs who want to stand out, but not break their back or add a substantial amount of time to their setup with other furniture out on the market. Hand crafted from light weight aluminum and wood and/or acrylic however it is designed to hold your equipment in the case during transport. 

Best Features:

- Handcrafted beautifully stained wood on the sides and top of the case

- Wood is very light weight compared to other dj furniture pieces, again made with your back in mind!

- Low profile laptop stands, 1 or 2, center or corners, that is up to you. 

- Built in laptop stands that can be optionally made, completely wire "free" if you use a macbook with 2 or less USB C cords running to the mac.  All newer macbooks can be charged via usb c, even if it has a magsafe charger. 

- Currently going to focus on Rane Four, Rane One and FLX10, Rev 7 and DDJ 1000 controllers.  If you have another controller please email me first. 

- LED Strip is elegant, warm white only, to accent the wood very nicely - LED STRIP IS AN UPGRADE.

- The top to protect the controller will lock in using the laptop stand mounts, this is to not drill any latches or rivets into the actual case.  (if you do not need a top and prefer to use a decksaver you can receive a discount).

- There are no handles on the actual case either, if you would like handles we can make a cutout on the sides of the case for you. I prefered the clean look and since it is light weight its not a problem to not have handles. 

- For transport and additional protection of the aluminum trim and wooden sides, I will have protective fully enclosed, zipper clam shell bags with 3 handles. Still waiting on mine. 


Wider base can add casters for $100 or you can add them on your own. This would act as a dolly for your top case as well. I use the bottom base for my entire rack. 


- Bags are seperate, and price will be determined based on how many preorders we have but i will charge my cost of the bags, no markup. 


If you prefer not to use our base, you can use an X stand, table with black scrim or my favorite 2.87 or 3.26 regular 12" truss with a black scrim. 

DJ Controller Top Case DEPOSIT

SKU: 0001
  • The external top case measures at 35" wide, 20.75" depth, and 4.75" high. 

    I will be making custom ones as well if someone wants a top case to just fit their smaller controller. But first batch all sizes will be as above. Taking up to 15 preorders for the first batch. Will definitely make the cases if there are 5 or more pre-orders. If pre-order minimum is not met, I will refund you the deposit, or we can discuss a price for one unit. 

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